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Hit by 5 bullets, commander Arian experi- ences the cost of war in the flesh as she is forced to redefine her role in the struggle for women’s freedom.

Commander Arian

A young man obsessed with war games becomes a sniper in Afghanistan following his dreams. But real war bores him. Disappointed, he returns home to confront another war caused by the Spanish crisis: his parents got divorced and they are about to lose the family house.

Game Over

Qatar, 2011, is the country with the fastest growing economy: highways carved into the desert connect the old world with the new reality. As skyscrapers grow everywhere, thousands of workers of all origins are drawn by the black gold fever. “Qatar: the Race”

Qatar The Race

What’s life really like for women in the Islamic world? To what extent is our opinion of them based on Western prejudice? The author of this film hitchhiked from..

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In development

Francesca is a well-known artist in Barcelona living a free-spirited and colorful life. But now that she has just turned 60 and her daughter has left the house to study in Berlin, she is at a turning point.

Francesca i el amor

MARTA flees from the suburban city she grew up in to seek success in the art world in Barcelona. Following a series of unfortunate situations within her modern universe, she is forced to face her worst fear: going back to her home town.


Qadir (8) and Nabila (7) scape from a refugee camp and travel to Mosul to find somebody who can testify the paternity of their small brother, the son of the ISIS man who killed their father and raped their mother.

The boy without a name