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Francesca i l’Amor

Francesca i l’Amor

Directed by Alba Sotorra

Francesca (65) is a plastic artist from Barcelona who lives life as her art: with absolute freedom, through experimentation and a playful approach. When her daughter Djuna leaves home to go live abroad, Francesca embarks on an inner journey to understand who she is and what she needs in this new stage of life, beyond what the world expects of her.

Technical specifications

Documentary feature
Title: Francesca i l’Amor
Runtime: 83′
Genre: Documentary
Director and writer: Alba Sotorra
Producer: Alba Sotorra
Editors: Irene Molina, Adrián Silvestre, Alba Sotorra
DOP: Lara Vilanova
Original Soundtrack by: Djuna Lund
Starring: Djuna Lund, Francesca Llopis


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