Cinema Productions.


About us

What is the gaze under which we explain the world?

With a technical and creative team mainly composed of women, we tell stories that move us because of their genuine gender-conscious and risky essence. Stories with a strong social and political commitment, on topics closely linked to present times.

Motivated by the lack of diversity of points of view in cinema, we seek to open spaces for reflection from a perspective that is still under-represented in the film industry, the perspective of women.


Alba Sotorra

Director & Producer

EAVE graduate Alba Sotorra has produced feature documentaries and fiction films for cinema and television since 2005. She graduated from cinema school in Madrid (UCM 2003) and has an MA on Cultural Studies (2008). She participated in SOURCES2 (2010), Berlinale Talent Campus (2011), Dokincubator (2014), IDFA Academy (2015) and EAVE Producers Workshop (2017). She is member of Dones Visuals. She is founder and director of the company Alba Sotorra.

Andrea Vilches


Andrea Vilches is an EMAV graduate in Audiovisual Realisation and is currently enrolled as an Audiovisual Communication student at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. She is working as a Producer for AlbaSotorra S.L. since October 2019, and currently participates as a producer for our projects in development.

Julia Parés

Writer and Producer

Júlia Parés is a Young Producer and creative developer graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. She studied in Finland for 6 months, where she specialized in script and production. She has worked at Alba Sotorra S.L. since October 2018, and currently she participates as a creative writer and producer for our projects in development. 

Mar Garro

Impact Producer

Mar Garro is a Film and Media graduate in Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, working as an Impact Producer at the Communication’s and Social Media department for AlbaSotorra S.L. since October 2019, and currently participates as an Impact Producer for our projects in development. She is also co-directing a feature documentary about migration.

Lidia Sala

Film editor

Lidia Sala (Ibiza, 1993). After graduating in Film and Television, she completed a Master’s in Film Studies and a Postgraduate in Audiovisual Editing. As an editor she has made feature films, short films, commercial spots, video-essays and experimental pieces. She has also worked as a writer for different blogs and film magazines. Her interests are based on the appropriation montage and the infinite possibilities that archive material offers.

Júlia Berenguer


Júlia Berenguer is an Audiovisual Communication student at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. She is working as writer at AlbaSotorra S.L. since March 2020, and currently participates as a writer for our projects in development.

Pau Galan


Pau Galan Rosas is an editor graduated from the Editing and Audio-Visual Media degree at the ESCAC University. He has worked as Assistant Editor and post-production coordinator for Alba Sotorra S.L. since April 2016, participating in all our productions.

Marta Figueras


Holds a Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, and in 1991 founded the production company Bailando con todos, producing films and documentaries. In 2010 she founded Promarfi Futuro 2010, sowing success and reaping in awards with both documentaries such as Barcelona, Abans que el temps ho esborri, (Barcelona, Before it Gets Erased by Time) by Mireia Ros and Game Over, by Alba Sotorra, and fiction films such as Las olas (The Waves), by Alberto Morais.