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About us

What is the gaze under which we explain the world?

With a technical and creative team mainly composed of women, we tell stories that move us because of their genuine gender-conscious and risky essence. Stories with a strong social and political commitment, on topics closely linked to present times.

Motivated by the lack of diversity of points of view in cinema, we seek to open spaces for reflection from a perspective that is still under-represented in the film industry, the perspective of women.


Alba Sotorra

Director & Producer

EAVE graduate Alba Sotorra has produced feature documentaries and fiction films for cinema and television since 2005. She graduated from cinema school in Madrid (UCM 2003) and has an MA on Cultural Studies (2008). She participated in SOURCES2 (2010), Berlinale Talent Campus (2011), Dokincubator (2014), IDFA Academy (2015) and EAVE Producers Workshop (2017). She is member of Dones Visuals. She is founder and director of the company Alba Sotorra.

Andrea Vilches


Andrea Vilches is an EMAV graduate in Audiovisual Realisation and is currently enrolled as an Audiovisual Communication student at Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. She is working as a Producer for AlbaSotorra S.L. since October 2019, and currently participates as a producer for our projects in development.

Júlia Parés

Writer and Producer

Júlia Parés is a Young Producer and creative developer graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. She studied in Finland for 6 months, where she specialized in script and production. She has worked at Alba Sotorra S.L. since October 2018, and currently she participates as a creative writer and producer for our projects in development. 

Mar Garro

Communications & Press

Mar Garro is a Film and Media graduate in Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, working as an Impact Producer at the Communication’s, Press and Social Media department for AlbaSotorra S.L. since October 2019, and currently participates as an Impact Producer for our projects in development. She is also co-directing a feature documentary about migration.

Mar Maduell


Mar Maduell is an Audiovisual Communication graduate at Pompeu Fabra University and works in the Production Team at Alba Sotorra S.L. since March 2021, participating as a producer for our projects in development. She studied for six months in Finland, where she specialized in gender perspective in art, and is co-directing a feature film about the consequences of sexual abuse.

Maria Sánchez

Communications & development

Maria Sánchez is finishing her studies in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, where she is specializing in script and direction. She works in the Creative Writing team and the Communication team at Alba Sotorra S.L. She is also co-directing a feature film about the reality of the underground LGTB+ Barcelona.

Marta Figueras


Holds a Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, and in 1991 founded the production company Bailando con todos, producing films and documentaries. In 2010 she founded Promarfi Futuro 2010, sowing success and reaping in awards with both documentaries such as Barcelona, Abans que el temps ho esborri, (Barcelona, Before it Gets Erased by Time) by Mireia Ros and Game Over, by Alba Sotorra, and fiction films such as Las olas (The Waves), by Alberto Morais.

Maria Trenor

Animation film director

Animation film director, scriptwriter and artist. She’s directed several animated short films in 35mm. “Con qué la lavaré” (2003. Annecy, Sundance) won the 1st Teddy Bear Award at Berlinale and the Best Short Film at Animadrid (2004). “Ex-libris” (2009) was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 25th Goya Awards. Her latest production, “¿ Dónde estabas tú ?” won the WIA Diversity Award at the SPARK International Film Festival (Canada). She is now directing and writing her first feature film, “Rock Bottom”, an animated musical based on the life of the artists Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge.

Carla Subirana

Film director & writer

Carla Subirana is a film director, screenwriter and teacher at the Blanquerna School of Communication and of Masters courses at various universities. 

Her cinema rides the line between the documentary and fiction, as can be seen in her debut, NADAR (2008), an autobiographical film about historical and personal memory. The award-winning film has screened at several international festivals. Subirana has been a project evaluator for Proimágenes Colombia as well as a jury member at several national and international festivals, and has participated in the ICEC Short Film Commission (2018). 

She has also directed and written television documentaries for TVE, TV3 and BTV. The figure of woman is central to her work as a filmmaker. She is currently developing her first feature fiction film named “Sica”, a coming of age of a young girl, settled in the natural set of Costa da Morte, in Galicia. 

Roya Sadat

Film director, writer & producer

Roya Sadat is an internationally admired Afghan film producer, director and writer. She is the first woman director in the History of Afghan cinema in the post-Taliban era. She is the founder of ROYA Film House and the International Women Film Festival in Herat. With more than 15 years of experience, all of her productions focus on advocating for Women and Children’s Rights vulnerated in Afghanistan, but all of them count with a universal approach which a broad audience can feel identified. 

Her first feature fiction film “A letter to the president” (2017) has been selected for many International film festivals and has been selected by The Academy for The Oscars as the Afghan pick. She is now developing her second feature film, “The forgotten story”, an Afghan-Spanish coproduction by Roya Film House and Alba Sotorra S.L. 

Sally Fenaux

Film director & writer

Sally Fenaux is an international screenwriter, filmmaker and consultant with over a decade of professional experience in the film industry. Her work includes all types of productions, from social network content creation to mainstream and independent productions.

She has written and directed independently six short films and for clients; among them, “Another Sex Dimension”, a production for ErikaLust Films – XConfessions, co-produced by Alba Sotorra S.L.; “Unburied” (2019), produced by New Voices New Futures and commissioned by Creative Interruptions, Brunel University in London, in collaboration with the independent expert group on racial equality Runnymede; “Skin Hearts” (2015). She has recently produced the terror-adult film “Blind(ed) date”, her latest production for ErikaLust Films – Xconfessions, coproduced by Alba Sotorra S.L. 

Adrián Silvestre

Film director & writer

Film director, writer and producer born in Valencia (1981). In his film projects, he explores the limits between reality and fiction, staging real people alongside professional performers, taking on artistic practice from the analysis of their life experiences. His films are preceded by a process of close collaboration with communities, generally linked to issues of gender, migration and LGBTI groups. He has produced the short film “Natalia Nikolaevna”, released in the Malaga Film Festival. “Los Objetos Amorosos” (2016) is his first feature film, was showcased in an extensive tour of international film festivals, winning numerous awards such as the FIPRESCI and the Rizoma Film Award. He is developing his following feature film, together with Guillermina Ortega: “Bongoland”. 

Meri Collazos & Joan López

Film directors & writers

Meri Collazos started to collaborate with Joan López in his documentaries “La cigüeña de metal” and “Sinaia, más allá del océano”, where Meri worked as editor and Joan as director. Since then, the two have continued working together; in the United States they produced the documentary “138 seconds”. Meri has worked with the production company Frame Zero in Barcelona and continues to collaborate as editor and scriptwriter for Joan’s feature films, such as “Familia No Nuclear” and “Simfonia d’una ciutat”. Joan began her career with the documentary “Oligor” (2004) and since then she has created internationally recognized titles, being chosen in numerous festivals. “Breathe, Mom” is a personal project of both, being the first film to be directed by Meri Collazos and scripted and directed by Joan López Lloret.

Pau Galan


Pau Galan Rosas is an editor graduated from the Editing and Audio-Visual Media degree at the ESCAC University. He has worked as Assistant Editor and post-production coordinator for Alba Sotorra S.L. since April 2016, participating in all our productions.

Alexandra Gantzer & Elena Ballvé

Film directors

Alexandra Gantzer and Elena Ballvé, co-directors and co-writers of “Les altres coses que ens separen”, have been working in the creation, development and direction of different projects together. The most remarkable are “Litost” (2016), a dance short film selected at the Choreoscope International Dance Film Festival, “Yellow Days” (2017) and “Hasta el coño” (2019), a documentary short film. Their time working together has helped them develop a unique vision that reaches its full expression in “Les altres coses que ens separen”, their latest work produced by Alba Sotorra S.L.

Rojava Film Commune

Kurdish Production House

Rojava Film Commune is a collective of filmmakers founded in 2015 and based in the Autonomous Community of Syrian Kurdistan. The Commune is dedicated to representing the values and ideals of the Syrian Kurdistan Revolution, but also to mediating and representing the daily struggles of the Syrian civil war and the collective attempt of Syrian Kurdistan to build a new society. We have collaborated in several occasions, most recently, with the Syria-Catalonia-Iraq coproduction Ji Bo Azadiyê (The End Will Be Spectacular, 2020, Ersin Çelik).

Claudia Estrada Tarascó

Film director

Claudia Estrada Tarascó (Valencia, 1997) is a young filmmaker and screenwriter. Her projects include photography, installations and documentaries are born out of the need to give voice and visibility to reality-linked topics, from a feminist and social perspective. “¿Como fue tu vida, abuela?” was awarded Best Short Film at X Festival de clipmetrajes de Manos Unidas. “Las flores que arrancas” (2020), was selected at Directed by Women Spain, Málaga FF, Cine Invisible Bilbau, Doqumenta (Mexico), HECare (Canada), among others; and “La Abuela chula” (2020).  “Salen las lobas” is her first feature film, and it counts with the support of ICEC.