Cinema Productions.


Our latest works have been centered on war zones, such as Syria and Afghanistan. Even so, we have also worked in our city, Barcelona, and at a state level. In this way, our content fosters a glocal impact -global and local, thus dealing with issues of international interest that have repercussions at the local level, and vice versa.

We have gained international impact through the presence of our films at Class A film festivals, such as Hot Docs and Karlovy Vary, and other film festivals with high visibility such as Rotterdam, Sheffield or Shanghai. Locally, we have had a four-month presence in state cinemas and we have been twice nominees and once awarded best documentary at the Gaudi Award. We have co-produced internationally with Germany, France, Qatar, China, Syria, Iraq, and most recently Afghanistan and the United States.

Our vision is to expand our audience to create impact and change with the stories we are passionate about. We believe that if we work hard to widen the diversity of voices portraying another world in cinema, then another world is possible.