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Directed by Carol Rodríguez

The Superrighteous are SuperConvincing, SuperSpeed and SuperZoomSight, three twelve-year-old heroes who spend their afternoons protecting with their powers the square where they’ve always played. From their place on top of the square, they can see the whole neighborhood and they watch out for any villains bothering the neighborhood. One afternoon, when they arrive to their place to start a new adventure, they discover that some teenagers have stolen their place to smoke and drink. It’s the perfect occasion to use their superpowers, but something has changed. The SuperConvincing powers are not working with one of the boys. Will the Superrighteous be able to get their place back?

Technical specifications:

Short fiction film
Title: Superchavalas
Release date: 2017
Runtime: 10’18”
Genre: Fiction
Director: Carol Rodríguez Colás
Producers: Alba Sotorra, Marina Rodríguez Colás
Writer: Carol Rodríguez Colás
Director of photography: Jordi A. Corrales
Original music: Serge Vilamajó
Directo sound: Martí Domínguez
Editor: Carol Rodríguez Colás


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