Cinema Productions.


Qatar the race

Directed by Alba Sotorra

Qatar is the country with the fastest growing economy: highways carved into the desert connect the old world with the new reality. As skyscrapers grow everywhere, thousands of workers of all origins are drawn by the black gold fever. “Qatar: the Race” follows the personal race of a western expatriate who is responsible for the construction of a monumental power plant, and a Qatari entrepreneur supervising the training of his camels for a big international race. The illusory scenario in which they both act elucidates the fate of humanity on the race.

Technical Specifications:

Feature documentary
Title: Qatar the race
Estimated runtime: 58’
Genre: Documentary
Director/Scripwriter: Alba Sotorra
Producer: Alba Sotorra & Corte y Confección de Películas
Director of photography: Neus Ollé
Original Music: Gerard Gil
Editors: Lluis Rico
Sound designer and director: LluiVerónica Font