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Directed by Sevinaz Evdike

In a city ravaged by war, while society tries to cope with the consequences of extreme violence, a small girl finds a peculiar way to survive.

Technical specifications:

Short fiction film
Title: Home
Release date: 2018
Length: 9’40”
Genre: Drama, War
Director: Sevinaz Evdikê 
Writer: Sevinaz Evdike
Producers: Hîwa Argesh, Alba Sotorra
Director of photography: Alberto García Ballesteros
Electric/Light: Dijwar Mussa
Art director: Deniz Derwish, Azad Evdikê, Hîwa Argesh
Camera operator: Deniz Tekoshin
Sound recording: Azad Evdike, Kiwan Derwis
Edition: Alberto García Ballesteros
Cast: Rodîn Mohamed, Hîwa Argesh


Produced by: