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Directed by Adrián Silvestre

Ted and Marcia are a British couple who, after thirty years of marriage where the routine and the distance predominate, arrive in Gran Canaria, ready to spend their holidays in the sun. During their stay in a hotel in Playa del Inglés, each will explore and rediscover their own desires. Maspalomas, known as a sex tourism destination in Europe, with its nudist beaches, dunes and promiscuous nightlife, becomes the setting where Ted faces a long-repressed homosexuality and Marcia, after realizing she is alone within a sinking couple, finally embraces her own independence.

Technical specifications:

Feature Film
Original title: Bongoland
Estimated runtime: 90 min aprox
Genre: Drama, LGTBI+
Director: Adrián Silvestre
Writers: Adrián Silvestre, Guillermina Ortega
Producer: Alba Sotorra Clua
Production: Alba Sotorra Cinema Productions


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