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Bima, tormented by the fact that she can't become a mother, spends her days doing the arduous tasks of the field and the house, surrounded by fog, as her sister breastfeeds her baby.

Dona sota la pluja

Shamima Begum (UK) and Hoda Muthana (US) are some of the women who made it into worldwide headlines when they left their countries as teenagers to join ISIS.

The Return, life after ISIS

Jana, Alba and Zoe go on a creative retreat in a house in the countryside to finish their university final projects.

Les altres coses que ens separen

Blind(ed) Date

Maria is 93 years old and lives alone in her small flat in Barcelona, where time seems to have stopped 50 years ago.

La Vella Lluita

War feature shot in the Kurdistan of Syria, in the middle of the armed conflict. The film tells the real story of resistance of a group of young people who faced the army to defend their neighborhood

The End Will Be Spectacular

Confinement due to COVID-19 leads Fernando to think about all the time that he did not spend with his family. In the form of a letter, the director of this essay film reflects on life priorities and the time we devote to our loved ones.

Carta a un ser querido

Another Sex Dimension

Hit by 5 bullets, commander Arian experi- ences the cost of war in the flesh as she is forced to redefine her role in the struggle for women’s freedom.

Commander Arian

In a city ravaged by war, while society tries to cope with the consequences of extreme violence, a small girl finds a peculiar way to survive.


The children in Kobane, as they do in any city in the world, need to play around and enjoy their environment. Because of the war that has hit their country during the last years, playing has become a memory.

El Pati de Kobane

The Superrighteous are SuperConvincing, SuperSpeed and SuperZoomSight, three twelve-year-old heroes who spend their afternoons protecting with their powers the square where they’ve always played.


A young man obsessed with war games becomes a sniper in Afghanistan following his dreams. But real war bores him. Disappointed, he returns home to confront another war caused by the Spanish crisis: his parents got divorced and they are about to lose the family house.

Game Over

Qatar, 2011, is the country with the fastest growing economy: highways carved into the desert connect the old world with the new reality. As skyscrapers grow everywhere, thousands of workers of all origins are drawn by the black gold fever. “Qatar: the Race”

Qatar The Race

What’s life really like for women in the Islamic world? To what extent is our opinion of them based on Western prejudice? The author of this film hitchhiked from..

Unveiled Views

In development

A wild teenage girl is placed in a youth detention center after her father's denouncement. There, she plans to escape with her new friends to a trap festival and leap to fame.

Salen las lobas

A self-destructive love story between Bob and Alif, a young couple of artists plunged in the creative maelstrom of the early 70’s. While Alif loses her artistic talent, Bob starts growing and composes a masterpiece after overcoming a serious accident in which he almost died. This event would change their lives forever.

Rock Bottom

After thirty years of marriage, Ted and Marcia are questioning their emotional life through sexual experimentation in Bongoland, a mysterious, exciting place in the dunes of Gran Canaria.


Francesca is a well-known artist in Barcelona living a free-spirited and colorful life. But now that she has just turned 60 and her daughter has left the house to study in Berlin, she is at a turning point.

Francesca i l’Amor

Sica awaits for the sea to return the corpse of her fisherman father. Her only friend, Suso, is obsessed with the arrival of the Ofelia cyclone.


In the pre-civil war context in Afghanistan, the childhood friendship of Soraya (18) and Sima (20) will be disrupted by their apparently opposed ideals.

Forgotten Parts of History

The documentary series explores the reasons why a group of young boys immolate themselves in the name of God, committing a mass killing in their own country.

Homegrown Jihadists

In a decade where the feminist movement is growing stronger than ever, thousands of women around the globe are shouting: ``You are the rapist``.

Un violador en tu camino

At the age of 21, Raphael is socially projected as a young androgynous with a naïve personality. He writes poems about Charming Prince and dreams of falling in love, getting married and starting a big family.

Mi vacío y yo

Once an essential part of Kurdish resistance, Adoula suffered a stroke in 2010 that erased all her recent memories. Now at war, her children take turns in taking care of her as they carry out their tasks at the resistance.


Once an essential part of Kurdish resistance, Adoula suffered a stroke in 2010 that erased all her recent memories. Now at war, her children take turns in taking care of her as they carry out their tasks at the resistance.