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Les altres coses que ens separen

Les altres coses que ens separen

Directed by Elena Ballvé, Alezandra Gantzer

Jana, Alba and Zoe go on a creative retreat in a house in the countryside to finish their university final projects. The time they spend together and the questions of that arise in this final stage, will end up tinging the days in the house with nostalgia and an imminent farewell.

Technical specifications:

Short fiction film
Title: Les altres coses que ens separen
Genre: Drama
Directors: Elena Ballvé , Alezandra Gantzer
Writers: Elena Ballvé and Alezandra Gantzer
Production managers: Carlota Darnell, Júlia Parés
DOPs: Clara de Ramón, Laia Borrás
Composer: Martí Juan
Art director: Mar Puigbert
Editors: Anna Asensio, Júlia Gaitano
Sound manager: Albert Guimerà
Assistant director: Júlia Parés
Starring: Angela Cervantes, Laura Roig, Ivet Zamora


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