Cinema Productions.


About us

Alba Sotorra S.L. It is a company specializing in the production of documentary film for cinema and television, for the national and international scene. Our project is a gathering of an international team of film professionals with a shared passion: to tell compelling stories that can touch the audiences. Our motto is: there are risks that are worth taking when a film can generate emotions that can not be expressed in words.

We coproduce with TVC Televisio de Catalunya (Autonomic Catalan Television), TVE Television Española (National Spanish Television), Boekamp & Kriegsheim (Germany), among others. Our productions have the support of ICEC Catalonia Film Funds, Medienboard Berliln-Brandenburg, Filmförderung Hamburg and Creative Europe Media. We have also worked with Dogwoof, Women Make Movies and The Film Agency. “Game Over”, one of our productions, has a Gaudi award for best documentary by the Academy of Cinema of Catalonia.


Pau Galan


Pau Galan Rosas is a young talent recently graduated from the Editing and Audio-Visual Media degree at the ESCAC University.
He has worked as Assistant Editor for Alba Sotorra S.L. since April 2016 and currently participates as an assistant on Commander Arian and Francesca and Love.


Marta Figueras


Holds a Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, and in 1991 founded the production company Bailando con todos, producing films and documentaries. In 2010 she founded Promarfi Futuro 2010, sowing success and reaping in awards with both documentaries such as Barcelona, Abans que el temps ho esborri, (Barcelona, Before it Gets Erased by Time) by Mireia Ros and Game Over, by Alba Sotorra, and fiction films such as Las olas (The Waves), by Alberto Morais.

Solin Hacador

Public Relations & Marketing

Solin speaks 7 languages. She studied as Manager and Office of Accommodation at the University of Hertfordshire and later worked as Solicitor in Irving & Co Solicitors in London. She have a Diploma in translation from Middlesex University, London. And she have the TEFL Certificate too in Iberia, Barcelona. In 2015, she opened a language academy called Roni’s Royalty S.L. in Barcelona, ​​where she worked as a teacher while managing the company and currently has translated from Kurdish to English on Commander Arian.

Stefano Strocchi


Stefano Strocchi is an independent documentary producer working on international co-productions since 2001, focusing on character driven stories, social issues, current affairs and history. His current productions include: the 3 part series 1968mm by J.Rothwell, F.Kriegsheim and S.Strocchi  produced by Boekamp Kriegsheim GMBH and RBB/ARTE (2017) and the feature documentary Commander Arian by Alba Sotorra (2018).

Alba Sotorra

Director & Producer

EAVE graduate Alba Sotorra has produced feature documentaries and fiction films from cinema and television since 2005. She graduated from cinema school in Madrid (UCM 2003) and has an MA on Cultural Studies (2008). She participated in SOURCES2 (2010), Berlinale Talent Campus (2011), Dokincubator (2014), IDFA Academy (2015) and EAVE Producers Workshop (2017). She is member of PROA (Producers Association) and CIMA (Women Producers Association). She is founder and director of the company Alba Sotorra.